Revolutionary new way

What is space? Well, if you Google the word "space" you'll find its defined as a continuous area that is free, available, or unoccupied....but we got to thinking...

....there is more to space than meets the eye! Whether its: self storage, garage storage, office space, storage space, boat space ,garage storage,Shop Space, rental space, parking space, office space for rent, rental storage, desk space (yes, desk space!), studio space, garage space for rent, commercial storage or even marine storage...spaceble wants to make more out of your spare space.

Is there a way to have the community help each other in their space need?

Spaceble is a peer-to-peer marketplace for space.

Spaceble is set up to revolutionise the way empty or spare space is used. That's right  we want to take any space - garages, walls, wine cellars, offices, driveways, etc., and make them rentable self-storage, parking or usage space. We are talking about space to play (i.e. space for artist brand practice, art creation), space to store (i.e. physical stuff), space to park (i.e. car, boat etc).

This is a beta version – hoping to expand the Spaceble with more features. Spaceble's goal is to help people utilize spare space in a new revolutionary way while at the same time removing life’s storage challenges - one space at a time!  

 Spaceble is revolutionary new way to find and connect with space

Learn more about how Spaceble works and watch our video or learn about Trust & Safely on Spaceble -  something we take seriously.