How it Works

Spaceble is a peer-to-peer marketplace to help people who are seeking to rent space and those who have spare space to lease out.

Here’s a good introduction about what Spaceble is, how it works and what it can do for you. 

Watch this short 1.39 minute video about Susie who’s looking to rent spare space close to the beach for her surfboard - named "Billy".  Susie lives far from the beach and doesn’t own a car, which makes transporting Billy a bit clumpy - wouldn’t it be great if Susie could find a place close to the beach to store Billy? That would make life a lot while easier!  

Learn more about Susie's space succes story:

Spaceble is a member site dedicated to making the most out of space.  If you have spare space and looking to earn a bit of extra money, here’s where you can do it easily.  Or if you are looking for space to store, space to use or space to park things - you can find your space here as well!

Spaceble is a place for Space Owners and Space Seekers (ie renters) to connect.   


Summary of how Spaceble works whether your a Space Owner (own spare space to lease) or a Space Seeker (seeking spare space to lease):

Space Owner

Spaceble member with spare space to lease out



Space Seeker

Spaceble member seeking space to store stuff

Create a Space listing


Create a Wanted Listing

Tell people about your spare Space Listing


Tell people about your Wanted Listing

Review wanted listing and suggest your spare space or  create a totally new space listing to suggest to the space Renter


Review Space Listing and “notify” your interest in their spare space

Communicate unlimitedly with potential Renter


Communicate unlimitedly with potential Space owner

Decide to lease out your spare space


Decide to lease space from Space owner


Spaceble has a simple flat price menu to make it easy to communicate with any member to determine the appropriateness of your rental space need. No other charges.

Listing your spare space or wanted space on Spaceble is totally FREE.  You only pay if you want communicate with another member on the site:

$5 for 6 Space listing credits

  • The $5 credit entitles you to communicate unlimitedly with any 6 Space listings – provided you have at least 1 credit remaining.
  • That’s only 83 cent per contact!

$10 for 15 Space listing contacts

  • The $10 credit entitles you to communicate unlimitedly with any 15 Space listings – provided you have at least 1 credit remaining.
  • That’s only 66 cent per contact!

$20 for 50 Space listing contacts

  • The $20 credit entitles you to communicate unlimitedly with any 50 Space listings – provided you have at least 1 credit remaining.
  • That’s only 40 cent per contact!

As you can see, it’s far cheaper and easier to become a member of Spaceble than it is to buy a newspaper, call self storage places, and then go and view them for suitability!


Spaceble has a range of site features to help you utilize unused space and generate income by finding and connecting with those who are in need of space.

Unlike any other self storage platform, we make it easier for you by providing all the tools and functions to manage your space and wanted listings.  

Here are a few key features we thought you would like to know to ensure excellent member experience around space management while maintaining your safely and security:


1. Simple one-click sign-in with Facebook Connect

2. Dedicated member dashboard - access your space and wanted listings, private messages, and rate other members or purchase credit. All within one area, making your life simpler and so you can get more out of your space whether its leasing out your garage space, office space, desk space, parking space or just yard space! We could go on!

Spaceble Member dashboard. Control and manage your account

3. View, edit or pause your Space Listing.

Spacelisting listing- edit, delete or pause space listings

4. View, edit or delete your Wanted Listing.

Spaceble Wanted Listing

5. Use social media to notify others of your  space listing with 1 click promotion to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Spaceble Share your Space Listings

6. Free unlimited notification between members (notifies your interest for a space or suggest a particular space listing to another member – all for free!)

Spaceble email notification system - all free!

7. Receive instant email reminders of spaces that meet your wanted location criteria.

Spaceble Email notification - all free!  Keep up to date on spaces

8. Ability to suggest your space listing to another member with 1 click – for free!

Spaceble suggest your own Space listings - free!

9. Rate members you have interacted with, help others and build community trust.

Spaceble  Rate members to tell other members

10. Private messaging directly from Spaceble - you release the information you want, when you want.

Spaceble private email messaging system. Keep your personal details safe.

11. Secure online payments through PayPal using your own PayPal account or as a guest so your money stays secure and you can pay easily.

Spaceble credits to communicate. Purchase via PayPal securely.


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